Hydraulic Winches

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Hydraulic winches for extreme demands: hydraulic winches

We have now extended our product range to include the heavyweight class of rope winches: hydraulic winches. These colossi almost no task is too big or heavy. The fields of application are especially in the heavy industry and in commercial applications.

Hydraulic Winches: Buy with the Professionals

We are constantly expanding our range of hydraulic winches. Hydraulic winches are the kings under the cable winches and are used where extreme strength and endurance are required. Naturally, we supply our hydraulic winches with suitable winch cables made of steel. The transmissions consist of heat-treated planetary gears. The specially heat-treated planetary gearbox combined with the highest-efficiency and powerful hydraulic motor ensures maximum performance over the entire load range. Complete with internal brake to ensure maximum control and hold the load. The individual specifications of our hydraulic winches can be found in the respective product description and the data sheet.

"You want to buy a hydraulic winch? We will gladly advise you, even by telephone!"
 Marcus Apelt, Managing Director of seilwinden-direkt.de