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What is the advantage of a winch if you do not have the right equipment? Here in the section Accessories of our online shop you will find everything you need for the successful use of a cable winch on the ground. You can buy: mounting plates, cable winches, remote controls, deflection pulleys, cable winch disconnectors, eyelet hooks, quick connector, thermal protection for winch ropes, cable crimping shoe, winch cover, winch stopper for cable winches, cable press window and car lift.

Cable winches: Aluminum fairlead - Our precision-crafted and polished cable winches for cable winches from well-known manufacturers (RAW Machine, Blackmotion, KINGONE, WARRIOR Winches, WARN) wind your winch cable with little resistance to the rope drum. As a result, the cable of the cable winch does not suffer any strand damage.

Mounting plate for winches - Our range includes stable steel plates / mounting plates with universal holes for electric cable winches of countless brands such as Blackmotion, RAW Machine, WARN, Superwinch, Horn, Ramsey ... In addition to numerous holes for flexible assembly, we guarantee precise manufacture, one Quick and easy assembly and absolute robustness. Also discover our portable winch holder WARRIOR 4-Kant (detachable) for winches.

"You need accessories for you winch? We are happy to advise you!"

Marcus Apelt, Managing Director

Cable winches with remote control (radio and cable remote control) - With our remote controls, whether radio remote control or cable remote control, keep the overview and the necessary safety distance when working with their cable winches.

Winches: Accessories and spare parts buy in the online shop

Deflection pulley for cable winches - Use pulleys to get the most out of physics: A pulley (pulley) halves the tensile forces by doubling the travel distance. Particularly useful when towing or pulling heavy objects with your cable winch. Deflection pulleys should be used from half to two thirds of the maximum load on the cable winch.

Disconnector - With a battery disconnector for a cable winch, you can interrupt the circuit by pulling the key.

Eyelet hooks for rope winches - Look at our eyelet hooks with stable fuse trap in the accessories section.

Our accessories for winches and winches at a glance:

  • Cable winches
  • Mounting plates
  • remote Control
  • Disconnector
  • Eyelet hook
  • Deflection pulley
  • Quick connector
  • Thermal protection for winch ropes
  • Cable crimping shoe
  • Winch cover
  • Windstopper
  • Cable press window
  • Car lift

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