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You are looking for slings? Our online shop has a wide range of quality products from sling chains, slings via round slings, lifting magnets, lifting straps and chain slings of the quality class. Buy top products at the best price. We are happy to advise you free of charge, in detail, personally and competently. Slings can be detachable connecting parts such as shackles or pegs; but also ropes, chains, slings, round slings and lifting straps. Each sling carries the maximum permissible load capacity (load capacity, holding force) which should never be exceeded. Only components according to DIN EN 818 are marked with the so-called nominal size and the quality class designated in this way. sling: hoisting strap, round sling & sling chainslinging equipment For the dimensioning of the slings there are corresponding regulations of the employers' liability insurance association. They must be visually inspected before each use. Slings and load-bearing equipment must be designed and dimensioned in accordance with the loads occurring during operation. Ropes and lifting straps in particular must not be pulled over sharp edges without protection when slinging. They could get damaged and rupture. Slings such as straps and ropes may only be loaded with a maximum of 1/12 of the calculated breaking load. In our online shop you will find slings such as lifting straps, chain slings, lashing chains, round slings, lashing straps, welding hooks, round sling slings, strap hoisting straps, shackles and steel cables. Attachment devices: shackles, load hooks & attachment point

Shackle The stop designated as such is used for the transport of loads by hoists. Attachment points are, for example, chains, lifting straps and ropes as well as sling ropes. They establish a connection between the load and the carrying means of the hoist. But which slings are suitable for which task? Round slings and lifting straps are suitable for loads with sensitive or slippery surfaces. Ropes are suitable for loads with oily and slippery surfaces. A mix of chain and rope is also conceivable and often used. Hook ropes connect the crane hook and the eyelet of the load to be carried. Other slings are chemical or natural fibre parts. These are used for loads to be carried, which have an extremely sensitive surface. A chain is always used when the object to be lifted is very warm to hot.

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