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Gas Generators offer many advantages compared to generators that run on gasoline or diesel. Due to its economy and versatility, the gas generator is particularly popular with campers with motorhomes on the campsite. With large gas cylinders, the gas generators can run for a very long time and are extremely flexible and comparatively quiet. Our gas generators of the US premium brand CHAMPION are used on construction sites, in the boat sector and in the agricultural sector. But they are particularly popular with campers for motorhomes, camping and camping sites.

Power generator gas: What you should look out for with a gas generator

The gas generator is the most economical and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional power generators. Gas-powered generators are powered either by LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or natural gas (NGL Natural Gas Liquids). Our CHAMPION gas generators are operated with propane gas, which is another word for liquid gas. This is also known as LPG. The advantage, especially for owners of motorhomes: Many campers always have propane gas with them anyway - for cooking or heating. Liquefied gas is particularly pleasant, as it burns in the gas generator without burning. The calorific value is higher than for natural gas. Moreover, gas generators are quite quiet, which is not unimportant, especially on camping sites. With suitable sound boxes or a good installation in your motorhome you can further reduce the noise level. Another alternative are quiet Inverter Generator

Gas generators from CHAMPION: The advantages

With the use of gas, the gas generator has the natural advantage that a lot of fuel can be transported in a small space. Especially when camping you don't get into the embarrassment of constantly having to refuel because of your emergency power generator. Since gas generators are also low in pollutants, they are significantly more environmentally friendly than the petrol generator or the diesel generator. In addition, the odour is extremely low and the gas burns without causing any damage. Gas is also an extremely economical raw material, so that you can operate the gas emergency generator at extremely low cost. The ongoing maintenance of the gas generator is also relieved, as the carburettor lasts for a long time.

Duel Fuel Generators: Gas and Petrol for Absolute Independence

Most of our gas generators from CHAMPION are duel-fuel generators. This means that they can be operated with propane gas as well as petrol. Ideal for motorhomes or camping in general. More independence is not possible when it comes to always having energy for the power generator outdoors and off-road.

Gas generator "quiet" from CHAMPION cheap buy online in the shop

If you are looking for a "quiet" gas generator that is also economical and low in pollutants, then our gas generators from CHAMPION are just the right thing for you. If you want it to be particularly quiet, take a look at our inverter power generators. A special plus of our propane variant is the dual-fuel mode, with which you never run out of "fuel" again. If you want to buy a gas generator, but still have questions, then call us - anytime and very gladly!