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Discover our wide range of winches 12V. We carry winds from well-known manufacturers for all requirements. Whether you are in the woods, forestry, in agriculture with the tractor or off-road with quad, 4x4 or ATV. Our wide range of winches 12V: All winches are produced by well-known winch manufacturers and are tested for their quality, workmanship and usability. All rope winches 12V can be ordered online and / or ordered from fast and secure.

Winch 12V: offroad, forestry and quad

Our winches 12V come from all parts of society: farmers, foresters, hunters, outdoor and offroad freaks buy our winches. In general, all the rope winches, in which it is also sometimes dirty, the mud and mud are literally up to the throat. We have the right cable winch for all requirements. You can also use our Configurator and thus limit the endless selection of Winches.

"If you want to buy a winch 12V and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us."

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Winch 12V: What accessories do I need?

In the case of rope winches, there are a few things to consider, such as the choice of accessories or spare parts. In our assortment you will find accessories such as ropes, cable winches, mounting plates, deflection pulleys, disconnectors, eye hooks and quick connectors. In addition to a suitable rope (we recommend one of plastic), the pulley or pulley is probably the most important part of every winch. Why? With the deflection pulley, you can use the physics as with a pulley block: double force with a double path and with the same winch - regardless of whether the rope is wound hydraulically or by hand on the drum.

Our manufacturers:

RAW Machine Winch 12V
WARRIOR Winches 12V
Black Motion cable winch 12V