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Has your 4x4, jeep, off-road vehicle, ATV or quad got stuck? Are you stuck in mud, in a waterhole or in a ditch? Then you have to get out of it - preferably with a cable winch and/or a recovery belt (also known as a lifting strap, sling and mountain rope). We offer extremely high quality snatch straps and mountain ropes of well-known manufacturers, which work reliably and for many years. With a (kinetic) recovery belt, the stuck car is freed in no time at all with the help of another car. For example, we offer lightweight and handy Seilflechter recovery straps, slings and hoists. The loops are reinforced with coloured and particularly abrasion-resistant fabric material. The woven loop reinforcement does not swell at perspiration, so we do not use leather. In the case of multi-ply belts, the "loop at belt level" is the standard. The recovery belts can of course also be used as towing ropes, hoists, tree belts, mountain ropes or recovery belts.

Sling: Kinetic mountain rope and kinetic recovery belt with many advantages

Kinetic recovery belts and ropes are ideal even when winch recovery does not work. For example, when the vehicle carrying the winch is pulling itself up and not the vehicle to be recovered. Kinetic recovery belts and mountain ropes are characterized by their flexibility - in different strengths. Some kinetic recovery belts yield by only two percent, others yield by up to 30 percent. A kinetic mountain rope is ideal for the gentle recovery of stuck vehicles. Due to the high elastic properties of the rope, the force is distributed much better during starting jerk and your vehicle is spared. Our recovery belts, mountain ropes and hoists are resistant to water and UV radiation, have a high elasticity and breaking load, are durable and consist of high-quality components.

Hoisting equipment: Lifting slings, rescue belts and ropes order at the Online Store

To attach the (kinetic) recovery belt or lifting strap to the 4x4, ATV, Quad, Jeep or off-road vehicle, you may need another Schäkel. On you will also find suitable accessories. Our elastic mountain ropes have reinforced loops - nevertheless, we do not recommend stainless steel shoes but our high-quality soft shoes. You can also buy these in our online shop.

Buy tree strap as sling online in the shop

Tree Belts (also called Tree Anchor Belt or Tree Trunk Protector) are normally used to attach winch ropes (plastic or steel winch ropes) to a tree. For this purpose, the tree belt is placed around the tree trunk. The two loops are then hooked into the winch cable of the winch. At the same time, tree belts are used for towing stalks and the like. The tree belt also serves as a sling for what is known as pulling free.