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Cane winch & hydraulic jack

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Rack and pinion winch, buffalo winch, hydraulic winch, steel winch & steel jacks buy cheap online in the shop

Top quality at the best prices can be obtained from us in our online shop with the products Stockwinch, hydraulic jack, rack and pinion jack, buffalo winch, hydraulic winch, steel winch & steel jack. The devices have essentially the same function, but can be divided into two large groups. On the one hand in the area of hydraulic jacks and on the other hand in the area of jacks & rack and pinion jacks.

This is a hydraulic jack

The hydraulic jack, also known as the hydraulic hoist Buffalo, hydraulic winch or buffalo winch, is a winch in the form of a forehead lifter or side lifter. The device is used to lift or lower weights. Depending on the type and type of hydraulic jack As with a rack and pinion jack, a hydraulic jack has a lifting force of up to 100 kilonewtons (kN) and a height of up to 0.8 meters, depending on the design. For flexible use of the hydraulic jack, the lifting claw and operating levers are mounted so that they can be adjusted. The implemented hydraulic pump is controlled manually by means of a pump lever. Buffalo hydraulic hoists, hydraulic winches and buffalo winches are used in particular by the fire brigade and THW, but are increasingly being replaced by machines such as rescue rams and hydraulic spreaders.

These are jacks and rack and pinion jacks

Stockwinch and rack and pinion winch are also mechanical hoists. The devices are also called steel winches or steel jacks. One crank moves a gear along the so-called rack. The gear wheel is mounted on a sleeve which slides over the rack. The gear wheel is also mounted on this sleeve. As a result, the sleeve moves in an oblong direction during rotation. If you place the winch and / or rack and pinion jack between two loads, weights or devices, you can push them apart by muscle power. An attached ratchet wheel on the winch and rack and pinion jack prevents the crank from being pushed back under load. Strong winches and rack and pinion winches have a force of several 100 kilonewtons (kN). These devices are particularly popular with rescue services, fire brigades, THW and the like, as they are practical, robust and easy to transport. The cane winch and rack and pinion winch is also known under the names Südbahnwinde and Thumenkraft.

Stock winch, hydraulic jack, rack and pinion thread to buy online in the shop

You want to buy stick winch, hydraulic jack, rack and pinion thread, buffalo winch, hydraulic winch, steel winch, steel jack, south runway winch or thumb power? Then you are right with us in the online shop of Winch Industry. We would also be happy to advise you in detail and personally on the phone.

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