manual cable winch

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Preference hoist, multi-purpose hoist, Habegger and hoist buy online in the shop

You want to buy a hoist (Austria), which in some regions of the German-speaking area is also called hand rope hoist, multi-purpose hoist, Luxembourger, Habegger (Switzerland) and hoist? In our online shop you will find a wide range of hoists and manual wire rope hoists in best quality (DIN 14800-5 / MZ 16 & MZ 32) and at top prices! The so-called multi-purpose hoist allows weights and loads to be lifted and pulled by muscle power. A special steel cable is pulled through a pulling device. The rope of a multi-purpose hoist is conically shaped at one end. A load bolt or load hook is located at the other end of the rope. The loads can be moved through the lever tube or the operating lever which moves forwards and backwards. The force is transmitted to two clamping devices that move the rope. This is referred to as the principle of self-locking.

Hoist & Manual Hoist: The origin of a useful device

You want to buy a grip hoist, Tirfor, hand grip hoist, hand rope hoist, wire rope hoist, multi-purpose hoist, Habegger or hoist. Then browse through our online shop. If you have any questions, just give us a call!