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Electric hoist 230V

An electric hoist is just like a winch in any garage or workshop. A rope hoist like a crane can also be an advantage during construction work, rescue measures or excavations on the way. At seilwinden-direkt.de you are guaranteed to find the right and load-bearing rope hoist for all loads.

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Our range offers cable hoists from premium manufacturers with a load capacity of 100 to 500 kilograms. With double hoist and pulley, the lifting capacity of the hoists is twice as high, i.e. 200 to 1000 kilograms. The core of a pulley is nothing more than a pulley. In this way, physics can be used and double the load can be lifted with the same force and double the distance travelled. If you want to buy a hoist, we will be happy to help you make your choice.

Electrical wire rope hoist: Lifting loads without problems with the rope hoist

You are looking for a solution to lift and move heavy loads safely and easily? Then you've come to the right place. We would be pleased to advise you with regard to installation, maximum lifting load and application.

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Hoists and Rope Hoists from Black Motion, Warrior and Co. (230V) are characterized by their compact design and performance. The signal colour is usually yellow, so that the workers are also getting their money's worth. All electric hoists work with a voltage of 230V. The machines do not twist thanks to a low twist steel cable. The hoist is easy and reliable to operate and is supported by a remote control (180 centimetres) with an emergency stop switch. This electric remote control massively increases the safety when using a winch.The motor brakes automatically in the event of an interruption of the power supply. The construction is simple and quick to handle. A RAW Machine hoist can be mounted on the ceiling, on a swivel arm or on equipment. The control switch has protection class 2 IP54, insulation class B. The hoists are encased in a high-quality die-cast aluminium housing and powder-coated. In addition to the rope hoist itself, the scope of delivery includes a pulley with load hook and spring clip.

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p>A wire rope hoist is a device used to move or lift loads. The principle of the hoist is ancient. Lifting equipment was probably already in use in the Stone Age. Today, most hoists are electric and are used in factories. Part of a hoist is always a winch or a chain hoist in the core.

Synonymously used words for hoist

An electric hoist (230v) can be called partly different, even if the actual function (that of a winch) behind it is always the same. If you want to buy a 230V hoist, find out here how other customers have been looking for it:

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If you want to buy a 230v hoist, please contact us. We will be happy to help you. If you are looking for a 12v winch, you can also buy it from us.
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