Camping Generators

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Electricity supply for motorhomes, caravans and camping holidays

Power generators for camping are an absolute trend - also because the generators for motorhomes, caravans and camping sites are becoming smaller, quieter, more economical and more mobile. In our online shop you will find exclusive camping power generators from the premium US manufacturer CHAMPION - for all challenges. In addition to quiet inverter generators (which are as quiet as a normal telephone in Ecomode!), to which even sensitive electrical devices such as smartphones can be connected, we offer very flexible models such as dual-fuel generators, which can be operated with both gasoline and gas. Ideal for camping holidays, if you can't get the right fuel with a caravan or motor home away from civilization. This way you can always ensure a reliable power supply for your motorhome or caravan. Of course we also offer quiet gas generators, gasoline generators and diesel generators. With us you buy top goods cheap in our online shop!
Quiet and small: Mini generator for camping, motorhome & caravan The camping generators from CHAMPION convince everyone who has ever tested them. How else could the US company have become one of the largest suppliers of mobile power generators in America within a few years? And all this in a vast country where many people outside civilization are dependent on a reliable power supply? Anyone who does not build reliable power generators there will quickly be swept off the market.
Generators from CHAMPION - Your advantages
  • Inverter generators in Ecomode as quiet as a normal conversation
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Long service life and low maintenance
  • Mobile, small and quiet
  • Various models for all challenges
  • inverter generator, gas generator and dual-fuel generators very long runtime thanks to Eco mode
  • Simple operation and reliable operation
  • Fuelling cap with closable loading and unloading
  • Mobile and portable thanks to ergonomic handles
CHAMPION generators stand out from the competition thanks to their modern and unused design. The eye-catcher on the campsite or camping site! Our camping power generators are extremely popular, even with older people, for example for visiting a festival, partying at the dredging lake or even working in agriculture or in the forest.
RV & trailer power: Camping generator cheap to buy online in the shopNatural the look of a generator set for the motorhome, camping or caravan is secondary. Much more important is that the generator works - and does so reliably. After all, you may rely on your device for many weeks or even months outdoors and far from the nearest city in Norway or Eastern Europe.
The most important criteria for a good camping generator are:
  • He should be quiet
  • He should be very small to mini
  • He should be portable, i.e. mobile
  • It should be light

CHAMPION camping generators: Many more advantages CHAMPION generators meet all these criteria. For example, the inverter generator is not only quiet, but also extremely economical: Thanks to the Eco mode, the camping generators are extremely low in consumption. In this mode, the power supply for caravans and motorhomes runs at 25% of its output and thus reaches running times of about 10 hours. The generator for camping is as quiet as a normal conversation. Hard to believe: camping generators with inverter technology achieve sound levels of less than 60 decibels, which corresponds to a conversation at normal volume levels. In comparison, a vacuum cleaner already reaches 70 decibels. The generators for the power supply on the camping site, camping site or outdoors are not only very variable in performance, but thanks to inverter technology they are suitable for the operation of sensitive devices such as laptops or smartphones. Of course, the generator also supplies electricity for the camper himself and larger devices such as televisions, kettles and co.

Power supply for caravans and motorhomes: We would be happy to advise you

If you want to buy a power generator for camping, caravans or motorhomes in our online shop, but are not sure which model (gas, inverter, petrol,