LED bar & light bar offroad

Turn the field into a stadium - with LED bars for the off-road area. LED bars are available in German LED strips or LED light strips. Since this name is mainly used for indoor setting of houses and houses, the name LED Bar Offroad has been used for the outdoor sector. And in this spectrum, we also see our additional lights: super-wide and -helle illumination for forest, meadow, field, forestry, agriculture, offroad, terrain and outdoor.

LED Bar & Lightbar Offroad for Tractor, Forest & 4x4

Customers who buy our LED light strips for offroad come from all parts of the population who have to work in the night, in the mud, in the rain or in the wild - or want to! For this reason, our LED bar off-road auxiliary lights are on the tractor, bulldog, jeep, 4x4, quad, ATV, UTV, SUV, off-road vehicle, off-road vehicle, rescue vehicle, police car, fire truck, offroader, recovery truck, tractor, combine harvester, tractor, harvester, mower And digging and doing great work there. Discover our constantly growing range of LED light strips!

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Advantages of our LEDs:
  • Genuine Cree / Epistar LED chips, high-quality LEDs
  • easy installation
  • Plug & Play
  • LED lights with low heat generation
  • Very bright with low power consumption
  • Shock-resistant LED Lights


Depending on size and watts, the LED work lamps, LED spotlights, LED floodlights, LED light strips and LED bar off-hooks are used for a wide range of applications:
  • Engineering Vehicles: excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks etc.
  • Special vehicles: fire-fighting, police, rescue vehicles, military vehicles, etc.
  • LEDs for off-road vehicles: ATV, Jeep, Bus, Vans, Quads, Trucks etc.
  • Agricultural machinery such as tractors or bulldogs
  • Construction site vehicles: the right LED lights
  • Heavy machinery
  • LEDs for offroad and outdoor activities

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LED bar Offroad: Floodlights & auxiliary lights

Light-emitting diodes like a "LED bar off-road" are very powerful despite the compact and elegant design. A 288-watt LED light strip or a corresponding floodlight produces approximately the same strong light output as a 1000 watt halogen lamp. It is a very nice, white light that illuminates the surroundings perfectly even after sunset. Our LED strips are state of the art with high light output (lumen per watt). In addition, they are sealed against dirt, dust, moisture, moisture and rain. So you never run out of light, you could also buy a generator. Here you can find our top models.

Example: Performance spectrum of our bestseller at the LED bars

The LED light strip "120 Watt RAW Lights LED Strip 21.5 CREE Flood Beam 10320 Lumen" has a power per LED of 3W. This corresponds to a total of 120 watts at 40 Cree LED chips (number of LEDs). The power consumption of this LED bar is about 8.2A (12V) and about 4.1A (24V). The operating voltage of the headlight is DC 10-30 V. The light of the LED bar has a brightness of 10320 lumens, while the color temperature is 6000K. The housing consists of an aluminum die-cast, the holder is made of stainless steel. The LED strip is waterproof to IP67, as well as shock and dust proof. The light is white, the life of the LED bar more than 30,000 hours, which would be equivalent to a continuous running power of 3.5 years. The light strip is 3.3 kilograms heavy and nearly 55 centimeters long.

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All LED light strips (LED bar offroad) are perfect as LED auxiliary headlights or to use. For example, you can improve a previously insufficient illumination / light output. Our LED headlamps can also be used as additional headlights as verifiable floodlight over floodplains and forests. Our reliable customers looking for LED bars for off-road use have also looked for these terms: light, lumen, floodlight, LED, watt, volt, floodlight, auxiliary lamp, power, illumination, 12V, 48W, LED spotlight , LED work lights, led bar outdoor, lighting.

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