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If you want to use your LED headlights or LED headlights on a commercial street or on a public road, you will not have to worry about headlights with an E-mark. We now offer exclusively certified products for the German market. With our LED lights driving or working always safe! Order now online in the shop practical and high-quality processed LED floodlights, which conform to ECE, REG.112, IP67, ISO, CE, ROHS and E-code 13!

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LED headlights and LED headlights with E-mark can be ordered online and safely. The ECE mark is also referred to as an E-mark, an E-mark or an E-mark and is an identification of components subject to approval in cars and other motor vehicles.

LED standard conforming to ECE, REG.112, IP67, ISO, CE, RoHS, E-marking 13

The E-mark is optically incorporated into LED spotlights and is a large "E" in a circle. In addition, the test number is next to or below it. In our case, the 13 stands for Luxembourg. The headlights are of course also valid in Germany.

What do REG.112, IP67, ISO, CE, RoHS mean?

IP67 is a European standard for classifying the protection offered by a housing for electrical components. IP67 means that electrical devices such as LED headlights or work lamps are protected against dust and temporary immersion in water.
ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization.
The CE marking has been created to ensure safe products within the European Union. The CE marking is also called "passport" for the internal market in Europe.
According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Reg.112 states: Uniform conditions for the approval of motor vehicle headlights with incandescent lamps for asymmetrical low beam or high beam, or both, equipped with incandescent lamps and / or light emitting diodes (LED).
RoHS directives stipulate that the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical equipment is restricted. RoHS stands for "Restriction of Hazardous Substances", which in German means "restriction of hazardous substances".

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If you want to buy LED spotlights and work lamps with E-mark online in our shop, but still have questions, you can call us anytime and very gladly! In addition to LED spotlights and worklights, we also offer LED bars, floodlights and spotlights.
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At you will find a wide range of LED work lamps with a wide range of effective light images and lumens. If you work a lot at night, for example with the tractor, and you are on the road and have to break through the darkness with light, nowadays it is hardly possible to pass LED spotlights. Only with these luminaires you can always rely on your LEDs and work even under the most adverse conditions. Especially when used in agriculture and in the forestry, a working headlamp has to work - put here our LED headlights. Buy before it gets dark.

LED Worklights: Floodlights & Spotlights

Light-emitting diodes are extremely powerful, despite the small and compact design. A 16-Watt LED spotlight or floodlight generates approximately the same high light output as a 60 Watt halogen lamp. At the same time, LED lamps save electricity and ensure a very balanced light, which also illuminates perfectly at night. Our LED lights are state-of-the-art with high light output (lumens per watt) and are sealed against dust, dirt, rain, moisture and moisture.

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Our LED work lamps are purchased by customers for all purposes and vehicles: be it for lighting on jeeps, tractors, bulldogs, 4x4, offroaders, ATVs, SUVs, UTVs, excavators, excavators, quads, harvesters, mowers, maize harvesters, forestry vehicles, rescue vehicles , Fire wounds or police. Also on boats, ships, yachts, sailboats, motor boats and rowing boats, LED working lights are used. Do you need rope winches 12V? Then take a look around here.

Our bestseller for the LED working lights (48 Watt)

Our LED worklight "48 Watt Lightpartz LED Floodlight 4000 Lumen", which is also used as a reversing lamp, has an LED output of 48 Watt, 3W Epistar LED 16 pieces, an operating voltage of 10 to 30 Volt DC and a color temperature of 6000 K The LED luminaire can be used from a temperature of minus 40 to plus 85 degrees and is waterproof to IP67. The type of the light beam is called floodlight. The housing of the headlight consists of an aluminum die-cast, while the mounting bracket is made of stainless steel. The lifetime of these light-emitting diodes is about 30,000 hours. This would correspond to a duration of 3.5 years! The light output of the headlamp is approx. 4000 lumens and is therefore perfectly suitable for the illumination of nocturnal surroundings.

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All our LED work lamps are, of course, perfectly suitable as LED auxiliary lamps, for example to improve the so far insufficient light output / illumination. Our LED light strips can also be used as additional headlights, thus placing a half floodlight over forests and meadows. Customer who searched for LED headlights also searched for: Light, Luminaires, Floodlights, LED, Watt, Volt, Floodlights, Auxiliary Lights, Power, Illumination, 12V, 48W, LED Spotlights.
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Our LED floodlights are CE certified and easy to connect via plug and play. We rely exclusively on high-quality LED lights such as Cree / Epistar LED chips. These have a low heat development and are very bright despite low power consumption. In addition, our LED floaters are shock-resistant. LED floodlights you buy with us safe, cheap and reliable. Buyers of our LEDs come from the fields of construction, agriculture, forestry, offroad and outdoor. If you also want to buy a 12 V cable winch, please take a look.

LED floodlights in detail

One of our LED floodlights is the 60W Raw LED. This LED has a power of 60 watts, which is composed of six Cree LEDs a 10 watts. The drive voltage is 10-30 volts and the color temperature is 6000 K. You can easily use this LED floodlight at temperatures of minus 40 degrees to plus 85 degrees when traveling in the forest or on the field with the tractor. Many of our customers buy the LEDs also for off-road trips with SUV, ATV, Quad or Jeep. The water density of the LED floodlight is indicated with IP67. The light beam, as the name of the radiator says, is a floodlight. The housing is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum, while the mounting brackets are made of fine stainless steel. Our LED floodlight holds about 30,000 hours and has a light output of about 5160 lumens.

LED spotlight, Spot & spotlight: What is actually a LED?

An LED (light-emitting diode) denotes a semiconductor light-emitting device. The name itself derives from the English "light-emitting diode" and is called in German as much as "light-emitting diode". This is how a light-emitting diode works: When current flows through a diode in the forward direction, it emits ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation and light. The nature of the light and the light color depend on the semiconductor material and the doping-dependent wavelength. A well-known manufacturer of light-emitting diodes is Osram, for example. There are also many products from other well-known manufacturers. We make sure that you can buy LED spotlights at a good price-performance ratio.
Buy LED spotlight: One light source, many names

Buyers who are on our side always ask how LED spotlights for the off-road area are actually exactly designated. This is not so easy. Just a look at various shops shows how different people who want to buy LED spotlights look for them.

LED spotlights: Questions? We have the answers

If you have any questions about our LED spotlights, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you!