spur gear hoist

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Buy spur pulley block | Top quality spur gear pulley blocks in the online shop

A pulley block allows you to lift heavy loads without great effort and hold them in the desired position. In our online shop you can buy first-class spur gear bottles with and without chains, which thanks to their compact design can be used for a wide variety of lifting tasks, for example on the construction site or in the workshop. This special hoist is equipped with scissors (holding the rollers) attached to the edge, a static rope or a load chain (for extremely heavy loads) and rollers that deflect the rope. Since the reels were formerly referred to as pulleys, they are nowadays referred to as pulley blocks. The rollers should have a ball bearing to reduce friction. In addition, spur gear bottles are available with loose or fixed rollers. The function of front bottles with chains is simple: By pulling on a hand chain, the load suspended from the load hook is lifted or lowered. Inside the chain hoist there is a brake that responds to the load pressure. If no pressure is exerted on the hand chain, the brake reacts and the load remains at the same height as the load chain. The arrangement of the pulleys is about distributing the load over several sections of the rope. The more load-bearing ropes are used, the less force you need to use for lifting.

Spur gear pulley blocks: Pay attention to load capacity, lifting capacity, operations and rope/chain lock

Before ordering a high-quality spur gear pulley block in our online shop, you should consider the following aspects. What do you want to move with your new manual wire rope hoist and how much payload do you need? The lifting force is also decisive for spur gear bottles, because the chain must be long enough for your transport project, depending on the height. In addition, a rope/chain lock is of great importance. This one has the same weight as the classic wire rope hoist, but is not equipped with this lock. The fourth point that comes into play is the issue of operation. Manual cable winches are operated either electrically or mechanically. If you need to lift and hold light to medium-heavy loads, a mechanical rope hoist is a good choice. However, if you intend to carry heavy loads, we recommend an electrically operated pulley block. In our online shop you can buy customisable pulley blocks whose load-bearing capacity and lifting capacity you determine before ordering.

Chain Pulley Block: Regular checks are essential for your safety

We advise you to test the operation of your pulley block before each use. You should pay particular attention to the brakes, which make a decisive contribution to your safety. Before attaching the load to the chain, you should check its weight, which should not exceed the lifting device's load capacity. In addition, the load chain of the spur gear bottle must be straight and not twisted.

Spur gear pulley blocks: Buy spur gear pulley blocks cheaply in our online shop

When lifting and lowering heavy objects you should not take any risks and leave the hazardous work to the robust and safe spur gear pulley blocks that you can buy directly in our online shop. Of course you will also find the right accessories for your pulley, for example the right deflection roller. In addition, we offer other hoists such as the practical lever pull.