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No more and never again lost cargo slipping: With our products for load securing you are always on the safe side on transports. In the areas of load securing you can buy high-quality and inexpensive tensioning straps, lashing straps, belt systems, tensioning sets, load tensioners, ratchet load tensioners, chain lashing, locking bars, load securing nets, container nets, platform nets, lashing nets, lashing points and the like in our online shop. The central elements of load securing are the tensioning strap and the lashing strap, also known as the tensioning set in Switzerland. Most load securing straps are made of polyester, polypropylene, nylon or cotton and are fitted with plastic or metal fittings. We only offer systems for securing loads that meet the highest quality requirements. Tension straps, lashing straps and the tensioning set are fixed, flat platforms that are used for lashing or fastening machines, loads and other objects. Load securing with tensioning strap, tensioning set and lashing strapIn everyday life, these load securing devices are most frequently encountered during private removals or major purchases when larger objects need to be lashed to a car trailer. But it is also impossible to imagine trucks, trucks and transporters without a tensioning strap, tensioning set and lashing strap in the field of load securing. High-quality lashing straps and lashing straps are usually made of polyester strap material. There are also special shapes that must be extremely robust, for example in the areas of climbing, flying, etc. The variants of "load securing" are made of nylon. To prevent the belts from stretching too much in use, they are usually "pre-stretched". They are impregnated so that the surface is compacted and tension straps, lashing straps and tensioning set become more resistant to dirt.

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Für load securing straps in public road traffic there are legal regulations. In order to comply with the regulations, certain tensile strength is required, which is maintained by nylon or polyester and which can cope with special testing on so-called load testing machines. Products in the field of load securing also include packing straps, packing countries, lashing countries, tensioning countries, leather straps and cotton straps (with belt buckle). All should make the so-called lashing and lashing possible. The load securing systems with movable parts can be divided into three forms: the press clamp buckles, the double ring buckle, and gliders with/without teeth. Load securing: The various fasteners / closure systems For load securing, the various fasteners for tensioning strap, lashing strap and tensioning strap are also of decisive importance. A general distinction is made between turnbuckle (also called clamp lock), ratchet (long lever ratchet, short lever ratchet, heavy duty ratchet) and end fitting. The ratchet is divided into three groups: the pull ratchet, the push ratchet and the multi-ratchet. There are many variants of the end fittings: pointed hook, triangle (wing, Öse), pointed hook with lock, triangle hook, flat hook, claw hook and frame hook. Ratchets can withstand clamping forces of 500 daN, there are already models that can even withstand up to 1000 daN. Industrially used tension straps, lashings and the tensioning set are tested according to DIN 60060, VDI 2701 and/or EN 12195-2 standards in the area of load securing, depending on the area of use.

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You want to buy load securing systems in our online shop but still have questions about tension strap, lashing strap, tensioning set, ratchet, turnbuckle or end fitting? Then give us a call. We will be happy to advise you in detail - also on packing belts, packing belts, lashing belts, tensioning belts, leather belts and cotton belts. Of course, we can also help you with belt systems, load tensioners, ratchet load tensioners, container nets, platform nets, chain lashings, locking bars, load securing nets, trailer nets, lashing points and the like.