Quad ATV winches

Quad ATV Winches

Small winches with loads of power

Quad Accessories

Here you will find accessories for your quad.

Quad ATV winches 12 V

Winches for quad or ATV (12V or 24V)? Then you are right here at seilwinden-direkt.de, the online shop in Germany for rope winches and accessories for quads and ATVs. For a quad, it is always important, so we recommend to buy your cable winch at the beginning with a plastic rope instead of a steel cable. With an ATV, this can look different, even if we basically recommend plastic ropes.

Quad & ATV winches: Quality counts

In a quad is particularly important that the cable winch / winch is small, but has a lot of power at 12V. For example, we currently offer the ATV / Quad electrical winch WARRIOR C4500EWX 2t 12V with plastic cable. This offers a maximum pulling force of 4,500lb (2,043kg), has a 14.5 meter long Armortek plastic rope and a power of 1.95 hp. The high-quality three-speed planetary gearbox makes these quad / ATV winches one of the least noisy, but most gentle winches on the international wind market. The great running performance and the full load braking make the C4500EWX the perfect solution for the most demanding tasks. In addition, the winch has an IP68 sealed and corrosion resistant series motor.

"You want to buy winches for your quad or ATV?"
Marcus Apelt, Managing Director seilwinden-direkt.de

Cable winch for QUAD / ATV buy in the Onlineshop

For ATVs and quads, we strongly recommend using plastic ropes for winches. Steel ropes have many disadvantages: in this case, however, the great weight of a steel cable is also the greatest disadvantage. Would you like to know more about the correct rope and the correct handling of ropes for winches and winches? Then take a look into this small listing about the advantages of plastic ropes.

What is an ATV and what is a quad?

Before you buy a winch or cable winch for a quad or an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), we should make sure that we are talking about the same vehicle. With a quad or ATV is meant a small motor vehicle with four wheels and space for one to three persons. The tire is balloon-like thick and suitable for terrain. In the German-speaking area between Quad and ATV is very different, in the USA for example not. In Germany one understands a quad, rather a fun, sports and leisure time, while the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) rather simple than terrain-driven car, ie as off-road vehicle, offroader and 4x4 is understood.
In this section you will find cable winches for a quad and less for ATVs. Small historical excursion: The first German quad was probably the Kraka. Kraka stands for carcars and was a quad bike developed by the two-wheeler union in 1962. The equipment was used at that time (agriculture, Bundeswehr, forestry, etc.), where you still need winches, winches and winch ropes to pull a weight with a rope.

Quad & ATV: Which accessories for the winch is useful?

As an accessory for Quad & ATV, we generally recommend plastic ropes (ropes of ropes nonoleen or armortek), cable remote control and a roller cable window. It is also possible to think about a deflection roller. For quad and ATVs, we generally recommend a cable winch with a low weight (ie light) with a high tensile force of 12V, a cable instead of a steel cable and a well thought-out accessory. We would be pleased to advise you as one of the leading suppliers of rope winches in Germany for ATV and Quad. Buy a cable winch for your Quad / ATV today - we will be happy to advise you!