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The trolley is a movable crane component that is suitable for changing the position of the hoisting rope. For this reason trolleys are also called crane trolleys. Depending on the version, the trolley is equipped with either pulleys for the hoisting rope or the hoisting gear. In our online shop you can buy high-quality trolleys in various designs and with extreme load-bearing capacity. With us you will find electric trolleys, spark-free trolleys with coil crawler tracks as well as trolleys with manual trolley or coil crawler tracks. A trolley has either a roller chassis or reel chassis and can be controlled both mechanically and manually. Before you buy a trolley with manual trolley in our online shop, you should have a closer look at the individual models, because they differ in their load capacity, minimum flange width and maximum flange width. Make sure that the hoist data corresponds to the conditions on site. This is the only way to ensure safe operation. The flange widths refer to the iron jib or crane rail. The actual running surfaces on site must lie within the flange area of the trolley. For example, clamping buffers and Trägerklemmen, which restrict the movement of the trolley, help to adapt to individual conditions. For example, once you have determined the appropriate values, you can select the load capacity, operating voltage and speed type before purchasing the trolley.

The trolley must be adjusted to the flange width

The trolley is the perfect combination of a hoist, to which a heavy load is attached by load handling attachment , and the crane jib or crane rail. Since the trolley is firmly connected to the crane, it can only move along the rail or jib. In addition, the trolley has rollers that move on the flange(s) of the iron jib(s). Before initial operation, you should align the trolley to the individual flange width. To ensure the centered suspension, the trolley is equipped with an integrated load handling attachment.

Do I prefer a trolley with rolling undercarriage or one with coiler undercarriage? Even with heavy loads, you can easily operate a trolley with a reel trolley. A coiler chain controls the movement and pulling the chain in the desired direction triggers the movement of the coiler running gear. The chain is connected to the reel gear, which allows a precise application. A trolley with a simple trolley is moved manually. When pressure is applied to the attached load, the trolley moves forward. Trolleys including trolleys are particularly suitable for cooperation with Electric chain hoists.

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With a trolley from our online shop you buy the ideal accessory for your chain hoist for a safe and durable use! By the way, you can also use a trolley in confined spaces, as the construction height is very low.