LIGHTPARTZ® was founded in 2015 to meet the demand for high quality yet affordable LED products in offroad, industrial, construction and more. That is why LIGHTPARTZ® entered into a strategic partnership with one of the pioneers in HID/LED production for the automotive sector in Asia right from the start. Since then, the common mission has been to offer the best products at the lowest possible price, making modern and highly effective LED technology affordable for every customer group.With a partner with more than 13 years of experience in development and production, LIGHPARTZ® has always been able to offer a complete range of premium LED products for the automotive sector, perfectly tailored to the needs of its customers. This includes work lights, light bars, running lights and other light solutions that are already being used successfully by many people all over the world. LIGHTPARTZ® is the first choice when it comes to light on your vehicle. High quality and an incomparably low price are our aim.Trust in Global Light Solutions from LIGHTPARTZ®.