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lever hoist

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Buy lever hoist | Lever hoists of excellent brand quality in the online shop

Lever hoists (also known as pull hoists) are generally chain hoists with the same design. With the aid of a lever, a torque is transmitted to a drive shaft and the load is moved in the desired direction. Load capacities of up to nine tons are possible due to different lever lengths, gear ratios and load-strand reevings. In our online shop you can buy high-quality levers made of resistant and durable materials. The purpose of a pull stroke is to lift, pull up or tie down loads without great effort. The lever hoist is extremely versatile due to its low dead weight and the low lifting capacity required and helps you, for example, on the construction site, offroad, in the garage/workshop, on the straightening bench as well as in agriculture and forestry. You can use our pulley either fixed to a fixed attachment point or mounted in a crab mobile.

Lever pull, pull stroke, ratchet pull, pulley with different lifting capacities & lifting height & lifting height

Whenever you want to lift, lower, pull or tension a load, you should rely on the first-class pulley from our online shop! In contrast to a wire rope hoist, the chain is at the centre of the action in a chain hoist. Thanks to the practical lever technology, you can easily move loads with a ratchet hoist. Furthermore, you can also purchase spark-free lever hoists with overload protection and shipyard levers online from us, whose lifting height and lifting capacity can be individually configured. Please make sure that you choose the right lifting height for your project. This is the only way to ensure that the lever hoist provides the required stroke in addition to the required load capacity. The maximum travel of the pulley also corresponds to the required stroke. This plays a decisive role not only when lifting and pulling, but also when lashing down. Here you should consider the extensibility up to the tight lashing of the respective load securing elements.

A load pressure brake on the lever hoist makes lifting and pulling even safer

The handling of lever hoists that you can buy from us is very simple: All you have to do is apply the pull stroke and start moving the lever immediately afterwards. To prevent the heavy object from slipping, a load pressure brake is fitted to the ratchet hoist to prevent this. This enables you to move heavy loads safely and reliably with a pulley block. Finally, your safety when using our levers is most important to us.

Lever hoists: Lever hoists with high load capacity can be bought online here

Buy excellent lever hoists in our online shop now, which take heavy loads off your hands and guarantee a safe lifting, pulling up and lashing of the load. We recommend that you store the lever hoist in a dry place so that no rust film or rust can deposit on the hoist or the chain. In order to extend the period of use, it is advisable to grease the pinion/gear regularly.