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If you need to lift and move heavy loads in your business, garage or hobby workshop, hoists from our online shop are the ideal solution. The special feature of a load handling device is that the transported goods are carried freely. In concrete terms, this means that the desired guests can be taken from one place to the next with the slinging suspended above the ground. Hoists include wire rope hoists, hoists, trolleys, lever hoists, jacks, forklifts, loading platforms, winches, cranes, lifting bridges, hoists, hoists and chain hoists. In general, slings and sling chains are also considered hoists. Spring balancers, (Retractors), hydraulic jacks, round slings, lashing chains, balancers, manual chain hoists and practical sling slings also belong to the hoist. In our online shop you can buy a multifunctional hoist and the electric chain hoist in premium quality. With a hoist you can lift car engines, gas cylinders, pipes & building materials loose In many operational processes hoists are indispensable and make the work process faster and more efficient. Electrically operated lifting devices such as a crane, jack or forklift are just the right choice when human muscle power is insufficient - for example when moving and stacking containers and heavily loaded crates. Human capabilities are far from the enormous load-bearing capacity of a lifting device. Take advantage of the load-bearing capacity of a load transport vehicle and buy an excellent hoist and wire rope hoist in our online shop now! Experienced professionals confirm time and again that our lifting devices are indispensable for them in practice for massive loads.

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The history of hoists goes back a long way. The first load-bearing devices were already in use in the Stone Age and in pyramid construction. Today's hoists, sling chains, chain hoists and hydraulic jacks cannot, of course, be compared with the standards of the time - but the success of the hoists impressively illustrates that load-bearing devices with high load-bearing capacity are continuously developing and are becoming more and more innovative and targeted. Meanwhile it is even possible to monitor an electrically driven wire rope hoist from a distance. For example, electrically or manually operated hoists from have been used in production for many years. All hoists and wire rope hoists you can buy in our online shop meet the latest safety standards and ensure a smooth production process. No matter whether you want to transport hundreds of kilograms or just smaller work equipment - with a high-quality lifting device you can manage this project effortlessly and time-saving.

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In your company, heavy loads are brought from A to B every day during production? Or do you need to work on floating objects? You like to work on your old car in the garage or hobby workshop? Then the first-class hoists from our online shop are an absolute must for you in everyday working life. With us, you can be confident that your safety is paramount. We have hoists and hoists for a wide range of applications. Our hoists can be individually adapted to your needs and working environment. Of course we offer the suitable accessories for your hoist such as steel cables, universal swivel arms and radio control systems for industrial hoists. If you are unsure which hoists are suitable for you, we will be happy to advise you by telephone on 08234 70 662-40. Of course our contact form is also available.