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You want to buy a Honda Generator? We are one of the leading online shops for high-quality emergency power generators, generators and inverter generators. As a certified Honda dealer, we are proud to offer you the best mobile and stationary power generators on the market.

You want to order an electricity producer, e.g. an EU 10i, EU 20i or an EU 30i from us, but still have questions? Then give us a call or write an e-mail to our team. We advise you gladly and in detail around the own power supply with a Honda power generator. 

The many advantages of Honda generators

Honda is considered to be leading in the fields of generators, generators, emergency generators and inverters for a reason. The power generators offer many advantages, which we would like to present to you here briefly and in due course. Every single part of a Honda power generator including the engine has been designed and built as robust and reliable as possible. The emergency power generators can be used both on the construction site, when camping on the campsite, at festivals, open airs or at your home in the garden and for emergency power supply. The generators deliver electricity exactly when and where you need it.

Inverter technology with special advantages

The inverter power generators from Honda are particularly valuable. The Japanese group is a pioneer in this area. The Honda inverter technology allows even sensitive electrical devices to be operated reliably. The device imitates an electrical outlet. The portable and mobile inverters can achieve powers between 1000 W and 7000 W. You can use it to charge your smartphone or power your holiday homes.

Honda generators are extremely quiet

Honda generators are designed to operate very quietly and efficiently. Among other things, this is ensured by exhaust technology and sound-absorbing technology. This ensures an extremely low noise level.

Original Honda 4-stroke engines

All Honda generators, inverters, generators and generators have original 4-stroke engines. These power packs are very reliable and extremely fuel-efficient. This not only reduces the replenishment phases, the power generators are also low-maintenance, have low emissions and also lower noise levels compared with conventional 2-stroke engines. The conversion of the equipment to gas (LPG) is also possible.

Many original accessories for Honda power generators

Für Honda generators there are a variety of high quality original accessories such as protective covers, parallel cables, battery kits and a charger. Power generators such as the EU 70 is or the EM 4500/5500 can be equipped with a universal override switch that allows you to automatically regulate power at home. The power supply to the generator is switched over to demand, for example after a power failure during storms and the like

Honda Power Generators EU 10i, EU 20i, EU 22i, EU 30i The small and compact emergency power generators from Honda are the ideal companions for on the road. The EU 10i, EU 20i / EU 22i and EU30i are inverters and can be operated in parallel, doubling their power output. In addition, EU 10i, EU 20i / EU 22i and EU30i can be easily transported and stored. Thanks to inverter technology, even the most sensitive electrical devices can be operated. The ultra-quiet and portable range of generators feature specially designed, acoustically insulated generator housings and powerful sound attenuators. This reduces the length of the individual generator noticeably. In addition, EU 10i, EU 20i / Honda EU 22i and EU30i have very low fuel consumption. This allows you to work not only economically, but also for a long time.

The Honda power generators EU 10i, EU 20i / EU 22i and EU30i use only extremely light materials such as magnesium. The result is light weight and maximum flexibility. Each EU 10i, EU 20i / EU 22i and EU30i series has an integrated and ergonomic handle that allows the generator to be carried. The EU 30i has 3000 watts and a foldable handle. The Honda EU power generators are robust, stable and extremely reliable. You always get electricity exactly when and where you need it. Thanks to inverter technology, you can operate even the most sensitive electrical devices.

The EU 10i has 1000 W, the GXH 50 engine, a wire rope hoist as starter system and weighs 13 kg.

The EU 20i has 2000 W, the GX 100 engine, a wire rope hoist and weighs 20.7 kilograms.

The EU 20i has 2200 W, the GXR 120 engine, one cable and weighs 20.7 kilograms.

The EU 30i has 3000 watts, the GX 160 engine, a cable pull and weighs 35.2 kg.

Honda Power Generators EU 30is and EU 70isThe Honda Power Generators EU 30is and EU 70is are easy to start and maneuver - despite their weight and power. EU 30is and EU 70is weigh 61.2 kg and 118.1 kilograms respectively and produce 3000 W and 7000 watts. The emergency power generators are the perfect backup for your home, garage, garden, construction or forest. The power supply is extremely high-quality, constant and plannable. The inverter generators EU 30is and EU 70is from Honda are very powerful and also extremely quiet thanks to silencer and exhaust technology. The large fuel tank ensures that you can work with the generators for a long time. The engines are also very economical. Standard EU 30is and EU 70is have a fuel gauge.

Despite their weight, the power supplies are very flexible and even sensitive devices can be operated thanks to the inverter technology. The 4-stroke engine of the EU 70is is an injection engine - unique! Benefit from low maintenance intervals and extreme performance.

Honda Power Generators EM 2300, EC 3600, EC 5000 and ECT 7000

The power generators EM 2300, EC 3600, EC 5000 and ECT 7000 offer great comfort thanks to the improved anti-vibration system and the deficiency protection. Real workhorses, these are the generators of Honda's EC series. They perform stoically even under the most adverse conditions and are the first choice for large outdoor jobs and for renting emergency power generators. The Honda EM 2300 power generator is designed for workshop vehicles (it provides good voltage and frequency stability through AVR technology). The EC generators (EC 3600, EC 5000 and ECT 7000) are very robust and extremely reliable. Maintenance requirements are very low. The emergency power generators are powered by the 4-stroke "GX". The steel frame is extremely strong. This makes them suitable for construction sites, agriculture and forestry work. The EM 2300, EC 3600, EC 5000 and ECT 7000 generators are attached to the unique Honda rubber bumpers. Thus, each generator is very quiet and complies with the strictest EU directives on noise, emissions and insulation.

The Honda 3-phase generators provide constant power and are ideal for hard-to-follow consumers. The four emergency power generators weigh 40, 58, 75 and 77 kilograms.

Honda Power Generators EG 3600CL, EG 4500CL and EG 5500CLThe Honda EG 3600CL, EG 4500CL and EG 5500CL generators are true long-distance runners and convince their owners of long uptime, a high volume tank and the unique Honda D-AVR technology that ensures clean electricity. The Honda "EG" series (EG 3600CL, EG 4500CL and EG 5500CL) generators have been designed for professional use. They convince through absolute robustness, reliability and efficiency. Even the most demanding commercial applications are possible without problems. Ideal also for renting, for landlords and/or the renting service. A Honda generator EG 3600CL, EG 4500CL or EG 5500CL has the D-AVR technology. This means that these generators offer a permanently clean performance. D-AVR stands for Digital Auto Voltage Regulator. The voltage is precisely regulated via a chip. This maximizes not only the service life, but also the gentle fuel consumption. In these Honda power generators the efficient GX engine works, which convinces with low pollutant levels and has a large tank. The unusually long running time of up to 12 hours for the Honda power generators EG 3600CL, EG 4500CL and EG 5500CL is convincing. The extremely sturdy steel frame makes the devices usable for all types of applications up to industrial use. Moreover, these power generators are very quiet for their size and power. 

Honda Power Generators EM 30, EM 4500CXS and EM 5500CXS

The professional power generators EM 30, EM 4500CXS and EM 5500CXS from Honda absolute professional devices. They produce clean electricity anytime and anywhere - especially in sensitive areas such as emergency services, restaurants, construction sites or emergency domestic power supplies. The Honda EM 30, EM 4500CXS and EM 5500CXS generators feature a clear and intuitive control box and electric start. The two largest emergency petrol generators are equipped with i-AVR technology (auto voltage regulation) and Honda idling, a unique system for detecting increasing consumers.

With a weight of just 32 kilos, the Honda EM 30 power generator is a super-mobile power pack with clean power and a stable performance curve due to its uncompromising design. Ideal for emergency rooms and lighting installations.

Messential quality features of Honda power generators

Superquiet: Sound reducing housing and sound-deadening enclosure of the generator, for a significant reduction of the noise backdrop

Eco-mode: The automatic adjustment of the engine speed of the Honda generator set to exactly match the consumer saves fuel, extends the service life and ensures quiet operation

mobile and light: Because Honda emergency power generators are extremely light, extremely simple transport is of course also possible. The generators are very flexible

DC output: Up to 12 A for charging batteries. You can buy the appropriate cable from us at our online shop

i-Monitor: monitors the output power and displays the self-diagnosis and system information

mobile-wheels:All Honda generators have simple and robust transport vehicles. These allow the devices to move easily and remain mobile

Elektric start: Per key the electric start is possible, for a trouble-free operation. In addition, all emergency power generators have a hand start

’s shortage protection: This prevents the 4-stroke engine in any Honda generator. This is done by automatic shutdown if the fuel level drops below a certain level

injection engine: The injection system in each Honda power generator allows better starting behaviour and reduced fuel consumption as well as lower exhaust gas values

improved anti-virbration system: The special rubber mounts absorb vibrations much better than competitor models

3-phase output power: Variable power output - this makes the device suitable for single-phase and three-phase current

Auto-Choke: The intelligent Auto-Choke system makes an automatic setting at the choke. The result: perfect start and run characteristics

Extended runtime: Model with larger fuel tank for longer continuous operation

Good dust and water protection: The generators are very well protected against dirt and moisture (IP54 instead of the IP23 standard)

Automatically reduces the speed of the motor when devices are shut down. If new ones are added, the speed increases again

Parallel operation: It is possible to connect several Honda generators in series, this allows the inverter technology

More information: Honda generators, emergency generators & generators

Honda power generators are available in a wide range from 1 to 7 kVA both in compact and mobile design and as industrial frame devices. Also thanks to encapsulated power generators there is electricity for every demand. All Honda emergency power generators are equipped with quiet running and durable 4-stroke engines. They offer high starting performance even for consumers that are difficult to start. Thanks to the anti-pollution device, there is hardly any engine damage. In addition, no earthing is necessary for the power generators thanks to protective separation according to VDE 0100. All Honda power generators can be retrofitted with an insulation monitoring system with switch-off DVGW GW 308. A conversion to gas operation (LPG) is also possible - but not for all models.

More advantages of Honda petrol emergency power generators:

AVR/Digital AVR control for high starting power in the three-phase current range

Capacitor control for all standard applications

Cylco-Converter control for all standard applications

Cylco-Converter control for all standard applications

Cylco-Converter control for all standard applications

Cylco-Converter control for all standard applicationsfor precise output voltage and frequency

compound control for high starting power in the three-phase current range

Inverter control for ideal current with particularly sensitive loads