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electric chain hoist

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Buy electric chain hoist | Top quality electric chain hoists in our online shop

If you want to lift, hold and lower heavy and moving loads, you should use a robust electric chain hoist from our online shop. In an electric chain hoist, round steel chains serve as supporting means, the lifting effect is created by an electric motor. Electric chain hoists, which you can buy online here, are used both by professionals in the industry and by private individuals, for example for smaller carpentry work or for maintenance and repair work on cars. Chain hoists are available in various designs, for example with electric trolley, rolling chassis as well as individual lifting heights, lifting speeds and travel speeds. Of course, stationary electric chain hoists and models with and without trolley are also available.

Electric chain hoists are economical, lightweight and perfect for low loads

Electric chain hoists offer many advantages. All products with electric chassis from our online shop work particularly reliably, have a high load-bearing capacity and are characterised by high economic efficiency. In addition, the wear of an electric chain hoist is very low, so that you can enjoy your high-quality hoist for many years. Furthermore, our electric chain hoists have an enormous load-bearing capacity, impress with their short duty cycle and offer maximum safety when lifting and lowering heavy objects.

An electric chain hoist has many advantages over wire rope hoists

You are not sure whether you should order a chain hoist with electric trolley or wire rope hoist in our online shop? These five decisive points speak in favour of an electric chain hoist:
    Low weight 
  • Compact dimensions 
  • No hook migration 
  • &Ul;manageable investment costs&e.g;

Electric chain hoist: Load capacity, speed, lifting height and suspension height are important

The load capacity, speed, lifting height and suspension height are important when choosing the right electric chain hoist. Make sure that the load capacity of the electrically operated chain hoist is not too small, as the lifting unit must not be overloaded. Consider in advance whether you want to drive the electric hoist at one or two speeds. If you want to start up the lifting unit smoothly and steplessly, a frequency inverter makes sense. The stroke is defined as the path of the load string that the electric chain hoist must travel. With suspension hooks, the distance from the hook to the floor is meant. Before you buy an electric chain hoist in the online shop, you must determine the lifting height, load capacity, operating voltage and speed type.

Electric chain hoist: Buy electric chain hoist in our online shop

You can lift, hold and lower a heavy load safely and easily with an electric chain hoist from our online shop! This allows you to carry out your work quickly and precisely and saves a lot of time. Of course you can also buy the suitable lifting accessory for our hoists in our online shop.