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Diesel power units are the perennial power packs in the field of mobile power generators. In contrast to gasoline generators, diesel-powered power generators can also be used in buildings. In operation, diesel engines are significantly cheaper, since the fuel diesel is considerably cheaper than petrol. A power unit is as simple as possible: an internal combustion engine drives the generator, which in turn supplies the power. Diesel generators must be durable and reliable. Optimum equipment is also low-consumption and relatively quiet. That's why we decided to round off our range of CHAMPION generators for diesel generators from WARRIOR.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Mobile generators with industrial frames
  • Automatic Voltage Regulating Technology (AVR)
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Running times of up to 16 hours
  • Electric key start, cable pull (easy pull technology)
  • Evaporated diesel engine
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Suitable for: Electric tools, Coffee machine, Refrigerator, Freezer, Vacuum cleaner, Oven, Camping equipment, etc.
  • Certificates: ISO9001-2000, GS, TÜV, CE

Electricity generators powered by diesel are particularly popular with people who live a bit apart from civilization or need mobile electricity. A mobile generator with a diesel drive is perfectly suited for campers, mobile homes, farmers, foresters, off-roaders and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as construction sites and co-operatives. Diesel power generators also play an important role in crises. With our premium devices, which provide 10,000 watts, you can easily power your house, your yard or a hut and all the devices inside it. However, mobile power generators are needed not only in areas of crisis, which are to be feared as a result of bourgeois war situations or series of blackouts.

Diesel power unit: Long service life and high reliability

Wherever there is no or only an insufficient supply of electricity, an emergency power set is an indispensable assistant, regardless of whether the user comes from the private or commercial sector. Our WARRIOR diesel power generators are designed and built to meet current standards. This is to give you the highest degree of security as a buyer. Our diesel generators are very popular with customers at their respective power levels. For this to remain so, we pay attention to the quality and processing of our equipment.

Emergency power units: Diesel in Europe the fuel No. 1

While in the North American market (USA and Canada) mainly benzine generators and also gas generators are popular, diesel generators are extremely popular in Europe and especially in Germany. A similar phenomenon is shown by the love of the diesel car. While we supply our gasoline generators from one of the best manufacturers in the US, namely CHAMPION, we order diesel generators from WARRIOR, an emerging provider of diesel emergency power units. Products from WARRIOR are characterized by first-class processing and the highest quality - and are characterized by their perfect price / performance ratio.

Diesel emergency power units are used here

  • Parties, parties, events, festivals, major events and festivals
  • Refugee shelters, shelters
  • Campsite, camping, tent camp, camper, caravan, outdoor
  • Offroad, ATV, 4x4
  • Fishing, fishing, hunting, forest, forest, meadow
  • Agriculture, agricultural sector, foresters
  • THW, fire brigade, police
  • military
  • Crises, self-sufficiency, emergency care

WARRIOR Electricity Diesel buy cheap in the shop

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