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Winches Professional EN 14492:1

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Winches for professional and commercial users

With our 12V & 24V winches according to the European Standard (EN 14492: 1), we complete our range for the professional sector: The EN series has been developed for the professional, commercial and commercial user. The winches have been designed and built to ensure that they meet the requirements of EN 14492: 1 within the scope of the assembly solution. With these cable winches you are always on the right and safe side - indispensable for traders such as for example in the towing service, car house, car trade or in the scrapping business. With us you can comfortably order a cable winch for commercial or professional use according to EN 14492: 1 at favorable prices online and buy in the online shop.

What distinguishes cable winches according to EN 14492: 1?

A winch with the European standard EN 14492: 1 meets the highest standards in safety and processing. These are the characteristics of our high-quality winches (12V & 24V):
  • The ratio between the drum diameter and the sea diameter should be 9: 1. This means that a drum must have a diameter of 90 millimeters when the winch cable has a diameter of 9mm. In the case of steel ropes, the rope is not bent through the large surface of the winch drum and can not be spun out.
  • The appropriate rope is twice as strong as the winch: 2: 1 ratio in the rope strength class.
  • The winch cable is not only attached to the cable winch, but is guided back through the drum and then back and secured. This double rope attachment provides a significant improvement in the safety of difficult work.
  • The EN-class rope winches have an emergency stop switch that immediately interrupts the circuit.
  • We offer an EN-14492: 1-compliant radio remote control optionally for you in our shop. This combines safety with convenient operation.

"You would like to buy a winch for commercial use according to EN 14492: 1?
Marcus Apelt, Managing Director

Our winches are suitable for all professional and commercial users:
  • They use a towing vehicle as a towing vehicle or a towing car to be able to tow other cars or car-mobile. Use absolute safety in the winch according to the European standard (EN) 14492: 1 for the towing winch and the cable winch for the towing vehicle!
  • They operate a car dealership, are car dealerships or used car dealers. They transport cars, drive to accidents or deliver repaired cars back to the customer. EN rope winches do not let you down.
  • They have a workshop, are a lot of craftsmen, and they have to carry heavy loads.
  • They are scrapped, run a scrap yard, haul broken cars or have big loads to move.
  • They need top rope winches for special transports or heavy transports.
  • They deliver cars and cars or buy them as a self-extractor.
  • The military (Bundeswehr) has already bought from us. Our special rope winches according to EN 14492: 1 are perfect for Unimogs, Jeeps, off-road vehicles, tool cars or repair vehicles. Customers of military service are also possible buyers.
  • For example the fire brigade, the police, the GSG9, the technical aid organization (THW), rescue services and emergency vehicles of all kinds.
  • Manufacturers of special vehicles, 4x4, offroad, outdoor, jeeps, off-road vehicle, quad & 4x4.
  • This rope winch is also used in forestry (forestry, forestry) and agriculture (tractor, bulldog, agricultural machinery, etc.).

Towing winch & winch Towing winch

Our winches are perfect for the towing service. If you are looking for a towing winch or a winch tow truck according to EN 14492: 1, you are kind to us richitg!

Why buy EN 14492: 1 winches?

Rope winches constructed and built according to the EN standard offer a high degree of safety during the day-to-day work and a certain degree of protection if an accident happens. The increased price of a winch for professional and commercial operation is likely to return quickly over the longer life and safety. If you are looking to buy a 12V or 24V cable winch according to the EN standard and still have questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We would like to advise you personally why it might be sensible to buy a winch (12V, 24V, hydraulic) according to EN 14492: 1.