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Handseilwinde Boot

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The hand winches of WINCH Industry GmbH give you what you expect from a boat winch:
More power when pulling and moving large loads and weights.
With the help of a hand winch winch, you can easily and safely leave your boat in the water and pull it out again. It does not matter whether you use a belt winch or a handy cable. These boat winches are operated manually by means of a practical safety crank with a rotatable handle. This is easy to unscrew, so that your boat winch can be stored in a space-saving way. Thanks to an optimal transmission ratio, the gearbox works exactly and directly. The gearwheel runs precisely into each other and guarantees smooth and smooth operation of the rope drum. Our hand winch bootstraps combine function and design with minimal dimensions and weight. They are maintenance-free and can be easily and quickly attached to the trailer, e.g. Slip truck or bootstrap are mounted and disassembled.

Belt winch and hand cable for bootstrailers

Choose your boat winch depending on the required pulling force - no matter whether with steel cable or polygurt, our motto is always the same: Strong, safe, solid. Our boat winches are fully galvanized and thus weather-resistant. The construction is robust and stable. They also have forward and reverse, as well as a free-wheeling and locking function. A belt winch has a wide drawstring with polygurt, a hand cable over a steel cable. With these boat winches, you are well equipped for universal use on the water. Stay flexible and allow your new winch to be delivered either with a sturdy steel cable or belt.

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